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There is spirit of synergy, energy, commitment and excitement that participants bring to our signature Next Level groups. Our facilitated group settings offer a combination of relevant mastermind content, accountability, and ongoing referral streams that both sharpen your business skills and increase your bottom-line profits. Our weekly meetings are carefully crafted to help you reach the Next Level in your business!


Professionally Facilitated Weekly Meetings
Peer-to-peer Collaboration
Reliable Referral Streams
Strategic Plan Accountability

Next Level Referral Groups

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Next Level Members Enjoy:

  • Exclusive membership to one of our professional facilitated Next Level groups
  • Weekly face-to-face group meetings and unlimited use of our proprietary online referral software
  • Collaboration with key referral partners
  • Ongoing referrals from like-minded professionals
  • Accountability of your in-depth strategic business plan

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Next Level Referral Groups

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Trained and Certified with the top minds in the consulting business

Behm Consulting Services is a proud John Maxwell Team Certified member. Our consultants go through this certification to best prepare them to serve and facilitate professional growth with all different types of organizations and individuals.

What to Expect

Our Next Level groups are designed for professionals who grow their business through referrals and ongoing personal and professional development. 
Sharpen your business and personal skills while studying, discussing, and brainstorming relevant time-tested principles. 
Professional Development
Our weekly meetings include allocated time for each member grow professionally through video presentation analysis, leadership, and center-of-influence exercises.
Network Growth
There's a sense of shared endeavor within each group. Our members routinely collaborate, borrow, and add to the experience and skills of each other, fostering long-term professional relationships over time.
Consistent Referral Streams
Referrals are passed, received, and tracked through our proprietary Next Level software. Our referral close ratio is over 80% averaging $22,000 in net referral income per member. 
Strategic Plan Accountability
Members develop goal oriented strategic plans and offer continuous support to keep each other accountable. Each plan is loaded and tracked within our online software.

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