The Importance of Building Relationships & Giving Thanks

Many of us typically spend time being thankful in the month of November, especially when it comes to our friends and family. However, Thanksgiving has also increasingly become an event to celebrate with those we work alongside as well. 

...For good reason! On average, people spend most of their lives at work  over 90,000 hours to be exact. And if you're an entrepreneur or business owner, this estimate may actually be far higher than we'd like to admit. 

This means that giving thanks should be just as important on a professional level as it is on a personal one. After all, without the valuable relationships we create as business owners, we'd be far less likely to grow our revenues, impact lives, and make a living. 

Why Relationships Matter in Business


Across nearly every industry, companies of all kinds depend on relationships to grow and succeed. Why? Because (as the old adage goes): people want to do business with others they know, like, and trust. 

When you build connections that are about more than simply making money and increasing your profit margins, your customers and potential leads notice. By focusing instead on making a difference, changing lives, solving problems, educating, or some other form of impact, you begin to create relationships with those you are providing a product or service to. 

This in turn helps generate referrals, increase sales, and build customer loyalty. All of which are essential pieces to businesses that last.  

Reasons to Show Appreciation & Gratitude for Your Business Connections


One step entrepreneurs and owners often overlook is remembering to thank others for their time, energy, business, or referrals. And yet, it can be such a key piece to building a sustainable business! 

No one wants to keep working with someone who is an "empty bucket"  ie, someone to continually takes without giving back. Whether you have fantastic clients, supportive power partners, a top-notch team of employees, or other business owners who are always there to offer a helping hand, it's important that you show them gratitude. 

Not sure how? If you're in need of ideas, consider:

  1. Writing a hand-written thank you note. 
  2. Sending a gift in the mail. 
  3. Treating them to a nice lunch, dinner, or event.
  4. Referring business owners to others you know who need their products or services. 
  5. Giving bonuses or promotions to your employees. 
  6. Meeting or calling to thank them personally. Even something as simple as this can go a long way. 

How to Grow Strong Professional Relationships


The quick answer? It's about more than passing out business cards. 

Networking events can be a great way to meet a wide range of people in a short amount of time, but that doesn't mean they will help you build valuable connections automatically. 

Instead of rushing around to pass out 100 cards or repeat your elevator pitch as many times as you can, slow down and spend more quality time with a handful of individuals that seem like great connections for you. Get to know them, learn about their businesses, and most importantly, listen to understand, rather than to sell. 

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