The Importance of Resolving Conflicts within Your Business

Even what seems like the smallest of conflicts can have significant impacts on your business as a whole. Conflicts are like viruses: they can spread quickly and not only halt the growth of the organization, but also deteriorate the progress you’ve made over the years.

Here are ...

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8 Ways to Improve Employee Retention Rates

Behm Consulting | 28 March, 2019 | Leadership

As you grow your business, a common challenge you might run into is low employee retention rates, or the number of employees that stay with you over a long period of time. While some turnover is normal, having too many team members resign too often can lead to a downward spiral in overall ...

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4 Tips for Building a Positive Workplace Culture

One of the most important steps to building a great team for your company is to prioritize a positive workplace environment for employees.

In a culture that allows everyone to feel respected, empowered, and motivated, team members are often less stressed, more innovative, and more likely to ...
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How to Avoid Common Leadership Mistakes

Becoming a good leader takes a lot of time and a wealth of experience. But even the most seasoned leaders know that there will be plenty of mistakes made throughout a career.

To grow from your experiences and become the best leader you can be for your company, here are a few common ...

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