Are Your Self-Limiting Beliefs Preventing Your Business From Growing?

As business owners, we all have actions that can slow down our progress  or put it on hold altogether.

Many of these are related to poor time management: too much time responding to emails, too little time making sales calls, etc. 

But what we may not realize is that our actions are often heavily influenced by our own belief systems, or the thoughts and feelings we've generated over time about ourselves, other people, and the way the world works. 

So if your business has been slower than you had hoped or you're struggling to understand why you aren't reaching your goals, it may be time to look internally. 

The Impact of Our Beliefs 

The first thing to keep in mind is that we all have belief systems that may affect us in both positive and negative ways.

For example, our notions around money may at times be a motivator and at others a deterrence. Common ways that money motivates people is the belief that when you work hard, you earn more money. Yet it can also subconsciously affect people who believe that money is stressful, difficult to obtain, or finite. 

And in turn, many of their actions (external) stem from those long-held beliefs (internal)  even in business, and often without them even knowing it. They may begin to subconsciously focus on "busywork" just when their companies are starting to see a substantial increase in revenue, or procrastinate on projects for major clients when things start to get busy. 

How to Set Yourself Up for Long-Term Success 

One of the first key steps to achieving all of your goals is to pay close attention to your self-talk, or the language you use when you speak to yourself. It's that voice in your head that tells you that you either deserve something great . . . or aren't "good enough" to be successful. 

While we may consciously set goals, it's our internal beliefs that affect whether or not we actually achieve them. By utilizing more positive forms of "self-talk," we will be more likely to achieve our business goals.

The Value of Deep Convictions

According to John C. Maxwell, only about 26% of professionals write out their goals and only 10% achieve their goals. But why? 

While there are many reasons why people may not reach the achievements they set out to accomplish, a majority of the clients we've worked with at Behm Consulting have fallen short of their goals because of their own self-limiting beliefs coupled with a lack of conviction in the goal. 

Those who do reach their goals have nearly always done so by reversing their limiting beliefs and holding a deep conviction of their goal. These steps (or lack thereof) also offer insight into what makes long-term success possible. 

In other words, we can become more successful business owners in both the short and long term if we first honestly communicate with ourselves and others what it is we want to achieve, and change how we think about the goal-achieving process. 

Challenge Your Limiting Beliefs Today

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About Mitch Behm

Mitch Behm, a Denver business coach of Behm Consulting, gives you and your team the one-on-one training and insight you need to take your profits, and your organization, to the next level.