Quick Tips for Creating a 2019 Scoreboard and Vision Board That Work

If you're dedicated to making this upcoming year one of your best years in business to-date, then it may be helpful to get a few ideas out of your head and onto something you can rely on visually. 

A great way to do just that is by making a scoreboard and a vision board. These can allow you to get really clear on your intentions and goals for 2019, keep track of your progress over time, and re-motivate you when you need them most. 

What is a Scoreboard for Your Business?


When you create a meaningful performance scoreboard for your strategic plan, you are essentially making a physical copy of your daily or weekly status in relation to your company's most important goals. 

A good scoreboard should tell you (and your team if you have one) at a moment's notice whether you are winning or losing. If your annual goal is to hit a certain amount in sales, revenue, or another number that is important to your business, this should be trackable on the board for you to see on a regular basis. 

The important step here is to have it easily viewable and customized to what matters most to your business goals. Some businesses have large whiteboards that are adjusted each day to show the most recent numbers; others use digital screens on the wall. 

Find what setup works for you and let it to be your quick reference for knowing how close (or how far) you are from reaching your goals, so that you may make necessary adjustments to push you closer . . . faster. 

Using Vision Boards as Motivation


As human beings, we have extremely visual minds. This means that most of us tend to understand images, photographs, diagrams and more far quicker than we do with text or audio. 

While having a hardcopy of your strategic plan can make for a useful reference when you need it, a vision board can be a faster way to remind yourself of where you're hoping to be by the end of the year. 

A great vision board is a picture format of what it looks like when you win. It's the encouragement to get you through rough spots  your visual affirmation, whatever that may look like. 

Is success or achievement a state of mind? A physical place you've been wanting to visit? A new home, car or other item? Is it the positive impacts you have on others? 

Whether you print photographs out or cut images from magazines, compile the ones that speak to you and your idea of what your personal "win" looks like. Pin, staple or glue them onto a board or wall where you will see it daily, and rely on it when you're feeling negative, drained, or simply uninspired. 

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