Most Important Qualities Every Great Leader Should Have

Behm Consulting | 10 August, 2018 | Leadership

Two of the most common reasons why employees quit their jobs these days comes down to workplace culture and management. When organizations lack a positive work environment, fail to recognize employees for great job performance, and/or disrespect their employees, they will have a much harder time retaining (and recruiting!) great team members.

This is why it's vitally important to ensure your company's leadership is one that others will be proud to work for -- and, ultimately, your ideal customers will want to do business with. 

Whether you're in the process of expanding your leadership team or you're always on the lookout for ways to improve, here are some of the most important qualities that define a great leader. 

Honesty & Transparency

Employees are far more likely to be up front about challenges, concerns or mistakes when they see their leaders modeling how it's done from the start. While it's never an enjoyable experience to talk about difficult subjects, being honest with your team members shows them how it's done and is more effective than simply asking them to be open with you about things. 

It's also something we all value in others. The more transparent you are with your employees, the more respect you'll gain in both the short and long term.


Without the confidence of great leaders, followers are less likely to feel confident about themselves, the work they do, and even the success of the company they work for. By displaying certainty and dedication to your team's goals and vision, you'll be boosting the overall morale for those around you.

Decision-Making & Execution

A majority of the best leaders out there are adept at evaluating scenarios, strategizing plans, making decisions, and executing actions.

While every leader should start by being aware and determining the right steps -- such as which methods to use to make improvements, solve problems or implement new ideas -- it's also a leader's responsibility to execute that course of action. If you don't hold yourself accountable for staying on course and doing what is necessary for your team to succeed, then why would they do the same? 


Empathy is absolutely invaluable, especially when it comes to employee retention. Company owners, managers and other top-level leaders who have the ability to relate to the emotions or experiences of others can show team members that they are genuinely valued and cared about. This allows employees to feel more comfortable in the workplace, to vocalize issues and questions, and to build stronger professional relationships with their leaders. 


Creative visionaries show themselves in a variety of ways. It's not all about coming up with grandiose concepts or fancy, new technologies!

Innovative people aren't just great at things like marketing or engineering; some of them just have a knack for suggesting outside-of-the-box ideas. Here are a few everyday examples: 

  • Discovering a common customer need that isn't being fulfilled currently
  • Brainstorming unique ways of reaching your ideal customers
  • Testing out a new program to improve workplace culture
  • Improving a system your company uses to make your sales process more efficient and effective


Great leaders empower others. Although many of us like to think we can do it all, learning to delegate and give more responsibilities to others is extremely beneficial. Re-assigning tasks and projects to employees that would otherwise be on an already-full plate lessens stress and opens up the potential to be more effective at running the business. 

Delegating also shows trust in the employee's ability to get the job done right. They'll then feel empowered to continue working hard for and grow with the company over time. 

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