How to Choose the Right Mastermind Group to Grow Your Business

Behm Consulting | 21 February, 2019 | Mastermind Groups

There are dozens of networking organizations in every major city, ranging from early morning coffee meetups and midday lunch crowds, to the popular happy hour mixers and weekend events. In contrast, mastermind groups can offer you a few extra unique and impactful benefits, including collaboration opportunities, accountability, and education. 

And if you've considered joining a mastermind group but haven't felt confident enough to sign up, then it's possible you just have yet to find a good fit for you and your business. Here are a few helpful ways to determine which group is the right choice for your individual goals. 

Meeting Schedule

Depending on the size, focus, and vision for the group, members may meet as often as once per week or once every other week, or as little as one time per month. 

Our own mastermind groups here in Lakewood, Colorado meet weekly, which helps all of our attendees stay up-to-date, keeps them accountable for their goals and actions, and allows for strong rapport and long-term business relationships.

Although these benefits aren't impossible to achieve with monthly or bi-monthly meetings, they are more likely to take longer and may leave a little too much room for lost interest or motivation.

The best strategy is to review your own schedule and how well it aligns with the groups you're considering, and to remember that dedicating this time is an investment that can significantly help you grow your business. 


Especially in larger metro areas such as Denver, the location of the meetings may need to be an important factor for you to think about. 

For example, if your home and business are located in Golden, but a new mastermind group is located in east Denver or Aurora, it's likely not a great fit for you. Between traffic and length of the meeting itself, this may cost you at least a couple of hours each time you attend -- and in business, time is money. 


By far one of the most useful benefits of attending mastermind groups is the content covered during the meeting. 

This is what also sets mastermind groups apart from networking organizations: it isn't just about passing out your business card to each person in the room and presenting your 60-second sales pitch. While partnerships and referrals can (and do!) happen in mastermind groups, the purpose of each event also involves skill building, setting and achieving goals, sharing ideas, and asking for advice. 

The right group for you will be the one that offers a variety of information, insight, and contacts to optimize your business in ways you couldn't have done alone, or otherwise would take you years to attain. 

Join a Business Mastermind Group in Lakewood, CO

Our Next Level groups offer an opportunity to work on your business alongside other startups, entrepreneurs, and business owners. You'll be able to fine tune your strategic plan, marketing strategies, and more, all while building the foundation for meaningful business relationships that can help you grow your revenue over time. 

Read more about the benefits of Next Level groups online or request a consultation to see if this is a good fit for you!