Bad Habits to Break in Entrepreneurship & Sales

There’s a lot of talk out there about smart habits all entrepreneurs and salespeople should have, but it’s just as important to review some of our not-so-good habits that may need breaking if you really want to see significant results in your business. After all, if you subtract some negative habits in your work day, you’ll start to see more positive results in ways that may surprise you.

Here are some of the most common bad habits to watch out for:

Spending too much time on emails

Do you check your email on your phone first thing in the morning? Is your email inbox open on your computer for the whole work day?

While communicating quickly with sales leads and current clients is important, emails can quickly take up a significant amount of time in your work day. They may feel like work that is productive, but can actually take away your time, energy, and focus to get more important projects done.


Although many of us like to think that we’re skilled at doing more than one task at a time, more times than not multi-tasking simply isn’t as productive at moving your business forward. This is especially true with large, complex projects that require more attention from you. If it helps, try using a task management system that tracks your time or an online time-tracking app to dedicate an allotted amount of time to one of your high-priority tasks.

Doing Everything on Your Own

Are you trying to hold too many to-dos under your own wing? Whether you like having the control or you’re afraid of someone else doing a job less effectively than you, doing “all the things” can quickly impact your bottom line. Start delegating smaller items to others you trust, either to someone in-house, freelancers, or other businesses who excel at tasks you aren’t a fan of doing anyway.

Working Too Much

There are a lot of people in the entrepreneurship space that let their work consume their personal time. Workaholism is one of the fastest tracks to burnout, and we all know that if you’re not your best self for your clients, your business can take a hit.

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