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Top Habits of the Most Successful Business Owners

There is no one secret to success. But there are a few habits business owners can pick up that will make the path to long term success all the more likely.

By embracing these top habits of the most successful business owners and leaders, you will be able to strengthen your role ...

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How to Prepare for Common Objections in Sales

Behm Consulting | 23 April, 2019 | Sales

Objections, like rejections, are inevitable when working in sales. Rarely does a sales pitch result in a deal without a little pushback from the buyer.

The best way to deal with objections and attempt to turn a ‘maybe’ into a ‘yes’ is to show up to each pitch, meeting, or phone ...

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Bad Habits to Break in Entrepreneurship & Sales

There’s a lot of talk out there about smart habits all entrepreneurs and salespeople should have, but it’s just as important to review some of our not-so-good habits that may need breaking if you really want to see significant results in your business. After all, if you subtract some negative ...

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The Importance of Resolving Conflicts within Your Business

Even what seems like the smallest of conflicts can have significant impacts on your business as a whole. Conflicts are like viruses: they can spread quickly and not only halt the growth of the organization, but also deteriorate the progress you’ve made over the years.

Here are ...

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