5 Effective Ways to Close More Deals

Maybe you have a strong network of great referral partners. Or you have a growing email list and customer base. Sales leads are coming in regularly, but your revenue is sporadic, flat, or falling. 

Why? Because if you aren't closing the deal for the leads that come your way, your business won't grow. 

Follow these important steps to closing more deals starting today, and see your business launch into a whole new level. 

1. Transform your habits. 


Start by adjusting your habits to reflect your goals. If your daily actions and routine doesn't match your goal of doubling your revenue this year, you won't achieve it. 

First, think about your most productive time of day. Are you an early riser who feels most productive before 10 a.m.? Do you get that midday rush of energy? Or are you more efficient in the afternoons and evenings? 

Consider taking that "power hour" — the time of day when you're most productive — and block it in your schedule for your lead-nurturing and deal-closing tasks. By making this a true daily habit, you can quickly see how many more inquiries turn into happy, loyal customers. 

2. Ask questions and listen to responses. 


Far too often, we tend to speak more than we listen. And yet, some of the most successful companies out there grew their businesses by focusing more on the client or customer, starting from the first few conversations.

By asking the right questions and listening with the intent to understand, the individuals or companies you speak to can feel more confident that you know their challenges, concerns, and situation well enough before you offer up something to sell.  

3. Be a resource.


Do more than suggest a solution: explain why. When people have more knowledge about the reason(s) for their current roadblock, their options, and/or potential solutions, they are more likely to invest in what you offer or purchase from you. 

It all goes back to the common idea that "people do business with those they know, like, and trust." When you provide the education and insight they need to make a decision, you can become someone that they like and trust  and close the deal. 

4. Provide examples. 


Don't just let them take your word for it, use prior experience to show them.

Whether you have a case study that highlights a great example of an impact you made in the past, or a fantastic testimonial from a previous customer, use these real-life stories to help them relate to and envision how they, too, can benefit from your product or service. Sometimes in order to close the deal, your potential client or customer needs to hear about others who've done so before them. 

5. Follow up. 


By far one of the biggest mistakes business owners, entrepreneurs, and those in sales make on a regular basis is not following up enough, or not following up at all. 

Be active and check in with your leads to see if they have more questions or are ready for the next steps. When we assume someone is no longer interested simply because they either didn't purchase right away or didn't respond to your email, we miss out on opportunities that could otherwise grow our businesses. 

The truth is this: life happens. They may have forgotten to respond to you, left on vacation, had a family matter come up, or simply needed more time to think about the information you've already provided. Instead of being passive in letting the sales come your way, actively reaching out to your leads can be the biggest factor in closing the deal. 

6. Analyze and adjust.


And finally: review, evaluate, and revise as needed. By being more aware of our own pitfalls and not-so-perfect sales calls, we can better understand where we could have done better in order to improve our mistakes for future conversations.