4 Tips for Building a Positive Workplace Culture

One of the most important steps to building a great team for your company is to prioritize a positive workplace environment for employees.

In a culture that allows everyone to feel respected, empowered, and motivated, team members are often less stressed, more innovative, and more likely to stick around. As a result? Your business can grow and succeed, while keeping employee turnover rates low.

To reap these benefits, follow these tips while you begin working towards a great workplace culture this year.

Start with a Foundation of Trust

Having the trust from your team is an invaluable asset for your business, and it all starts from the top.

Your leadership team -- whether that’s just you, or you alongside other managers -- should set the bar high when it comes to building trust with the rest of your employees. When a team follows a leader who lies, communicates poorly, gossips about others, or moves the “goal posts” around too often, they can become unmotivated, resentful, and less likely to speak up about new effective ideas.

Instead, show your employees through your own leadership’s actions that your company values honesty and transparency, and doesn’t tolerate gossip. You’ll also want to make sure that your goals (and rewards for achieving them!) are clear and easy to understand, while also challenging enough to keep them motivated.

Invest in Your Team

Whether you implement new educational and professional development opportunities, offer bonuses when performance is higher than expected, and/or you have top-notch benefits or retirement plans, investing in your employees is a must. It’s a vital piece of the pie if you want a team that feels valued or if you want to make sure your retention rates stay high.

Be Clear on Your Values

Company values and mission statements far too often end up being added to the website or posted on the walls, but forgotten everywhere else that actually matters in your day-to-day work as a business.

You might want to consider talking about values in your team meetings or making them more tangible by including them in your action plans throughout the year. Incorporate them into your onboarding process with new hires. Letting go of employees who consistently show they don’t share these same values. All of these are ways to show your team what your company culture is all about.

Be Open to Collaboration

Some of the best companies out there today don’t keep their team in silos all the time: they welcome partnerships and collaboration with open arms.

Let your employees know that giving and receiving input is something you want to see more of. If someone’s struggling with something, help them out without getting agitated or suggest they partner up with another team member to work on a solution.

Collaboration allows everyone to feel more involved in the overall success of the business, and can easily boost office morale.

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