4 Characteristics to Look for in a Business Coach

While there are dozens of business coaches out there these days, only a few may have the right skills, background, and expertise that you need to become successful. 

Whether you're a new entrepreneur or a business owner of an established enterprise, your decision to work with someone to improve and grow your business shouldn't be made half-heartedly. Here are some of the most important things you should be looking for when selecting a business coach.


One of your top priorities to seek in working with someone else in this role should be experience, and not just in working with other business owners. 

Almost anyone can talk the talk, but not everyone has had first-hand experience running a business, making sales calls, building a team of employees, and/or creating a solid strategic plan. You want a business coach who's been in your shoes and knows what it's like to go through certain challenges you may run into along the way. 

This insider knowledge is invaluable and can be a significant factor in your own company's growth in both the short and long term. 


Knowledge and expertise alone don't make up a great business coach. Why? Because if you're not comfortable enough with them to openly discuss your challenges, ask questions, or be honest about a variety of tough decisions, then working with a business coach isn't going to get you very far. 

Be sure to find and select someone you can talk to easily and confide in, and someone who's insight and opinions you trust. 


While many people love the idea of working with a business coach for inspiration, it's about more than that. Some of the best business coaches in the world aren't only helpful in keeping you motivated in the "valleys" of entrepreneurship; they have a knack for challenging you and pushing you farther than you think you can go. And in turn, these nudges can help your business make leaps and bounds even in a short period of time. 


A top-notch business coach can also foster other professional relationships you need for things like your marketing strategy, accounting troubles, and a whole lot more. 

They may know about the best networking organizations to join for your line of work, the right person to ask about certain topics, or can simply connect you with other business owners who may make great referral partners down the line. 

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At Behm Consulting, we understand the challenges, questions, and passion entrepreneurs and small business owners face. Between our experience in sales, marketing, and leadership, we can help you with accountability, skill-building, and more in order to ensure you reach your goals. 

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