3 Ways to Connect with Your Audience in Your Sales Pitch

Behm Consulting | 7 March, 2019 | Sales

One of the most common challenges of entrepreneurs and business owners is learning how to explain what your business does in simple terms. 

However, transforming your sales pitch from a confusing one to something easily understood and relatable to your audience is a crucial piece to networking and generating leads.

After all, your sales pitch can be the first step in getting others to know, like, and trust you. Whether you have 30 seconds or three minutes, you need to both resonate with your audience and tell them why they should rely on you over someone else. 

Borrowing Strategies from Reagan

If we really want to excel at connecting with our audiences as we give our sales pitch, then it's helpful to study ways to make our statements more effective. 

Although not a sales pitch, Ronald Reagan's "Are you better off?" speech from the 1980 debate against Jimmy Carter has a lot to teach us about language that resonates with listeners. Here are three impactful strategies he used that may also be useful in your own pitch to future audiences.


For centuries, human beings have been moved, inspired, and influenced by stories. Today's modern society is no different. 

Reagan's use of analogy  describing how the numbers of unemployed people could form a single line that stretches from Los Angeles to New York  provided a clear picture for his audience to visualize. While he could have simply stated that there are hundreds of people without jobs, this analogy allowed him to connect with listeners in a different way. 


The second type of rhetoric Reagan included in his speech was the use of statistics and figures. Utilizing analogy can be effective in connecting with some people, but the use of specific numbers is more effective with others. 

Comparative Analysis

Lastly, threaded throughout the two minute speech is his use of comparison. By asking his audience to consider situations side-by-side, he's positioning himself as an alternative option to the current status quo and letting the audience decide for themselves which choice they would prefer. 

What Business Owners Can Learn from His Speech

Next time you're presenting in front of a room or you're talking one-on-one with someone new at an event, remember that making connections is about more than simply stating what you do. 

People are more likely to remember you and be interested in getting to know you better if you can start by providing analogies, statistics, and/or comparisons for them to think about. Although every individual responds differently, it can be helpful for you to start practicing these strategies in your own sales pitch in ways that are outside of the box. 

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