3 Simple Steps to Generate a Buzz About You

Creating an organic, loyal following isn't just about how many followers you have on social media. In-person connections within your industry or network can be even more beneficial in growing a successful business. 

As we've mentioned before, it all comes back to the Know, Like, Trust factor. But you won't get others to work with you or send you referrals by passing around your business card at every opportunity. 

Instead, you may want to consider trying these effective, yet easy steps to generating a buzz about you. 

1. Don't just sell — educate. 

When most entrepreneurs or business owners start out, they often focus too heavily on completing the sale. While selling is a vital piece of running a company (you can't grow without first making revenue), it's likely not going to be the reason why people talk about you with others they know. 

Whether you're in a mastermind group, at networking events, or talking with new business connections online, be informative. Offer insight, knowledge, answers to common questions. Give first, sell second — and you'll be far more likely to stir up a buzz about you wherever you go.

2. Support others in your community. 

Want people to rave about you to their network? Support them!

Ask your connections how you can help them. Maybe they need advice on a challenging client scenario, or they're struggling to pinpoint what their ideal market is. They may be seeking to hire new employees, find a lawyer or CPA, or spread the word about their upcoming workshop. 

The key is to remember that supporting others doesn't always mean you have to be a customer. There are dozens of impactful ways to be a team player, even as a solopreneur. 

3. Host events. 

Hoping to be the talk of the town this year? You may want to try hosting events. 

Classes, workshops, meetups, mixers, happy hours. Think about which ones align best with your personality, skillset, and/or business goals, but also consider how these events will benefit those who attend.

Will they be able to network with one another? Will they learn something new? The purpose of the event you choose should be guest-centric, rather than just another chance for you to give your sales pitch. 

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